Age Groups

Level: Club
DOS: Robert Whittlesea
Judge(s): Andy Stanford, Norm Biggs, Robert Whittlesea
Archer & PlacingClubRoundScore10's/X'sX'sAvgRatingTotal
Under 14 Female Recurve
1stFarley, SkylarAdelaide Archery ClubNewcastle79533108.8338.0795
Under 14 Male Compound
1stBendys, JamesKidman Archers IncNewcastle8253089.1746.0825
2ndKirlew, AaronTorrens Valley ArchersNewcastle7141767.9322.0714
Under 14 Male Recurve
1stHolmes, JoshAdelaide Archery ClubNewcastle8133079.0342.0813
2ndStanford, LoganAdelaide Archery ClubNewcastle7541678.3829.0754
3rdAbbas, RashaadAdelaide Archery ClubNewcastle676737.5116.0676
Under 14 Male Barebow Recurve
1stRosenberg, RexTorrens Valley ArchersNewcastle7031047.8120.0703
2ndMasters, RileyTorrens Valley ArchersNewcastle654407.2714.0654
3rdWoodcock, JosephGreat Southern ArchersNewcastle505415.610.0505
4thSims, CharlieAdelaide Archery ClubNewcastle484425.380.0484
Under 16 Female Recurve
1stSims, MatildaAdelaide Archery ClubJunior Canberra7081557.8738708
Under 18 Female Recurve
1stKennedy, CelesteAdelaide Archery ClubShort Canberra639417.1040639
Open Female Compound
1stPaxton, TammieAdelaide Archery ClubShort Canberra7962488.8467796
2ndBird, AmandaSouthern Vales Archery ClubShort Canberra7752698.6162775
Open Female Recurve
1stHaworth, DanielleBarossa Archery ClubShort Canberra6291256.9939629
Open Male Compound
1stBowers, LachlanBarossa Archery ClubShort Canberra88070269.7898880
2ndChin, DanielHills ArchersShort Canberra84952199.4383849
3rdHeffernan, AshleyTorrens Valley ArchersShort Canberra81737129.0872817
4thMiller, SimonGreat Southern ArchersShort Canberra698947.7648698
5thEiseman, CodyHills ArchersShort Canberra0000.0000
Open Male Recurve
1stMcNamara, MichaelBarossa Archery ClubShort Canberra7582498.4259758
2ndMarcano, HectorAdelaide Archery ClubShort Canberra7371658.1955737
3rdSharp, JarrodBarossa Archery ClubShort Canberra7361158.1854736
4thTobin, RichardBarossa Archery ClubShort Canberra6701057.4444670
5thChandler , CraigGreat Southern ArchersShort Canberra627526.9739627
6thMiller, JayGreat Southern ArchersShort Canberra524305.8228524
7thAbbas, RyanAdelaide Archery ClubShort Canberra483405.3724483
8thColson, HarleyAdelaide Archery ClubShort Canberra0000.0000
Open Male Longbow
1stKirlew, JeremyTorrens Valley ArchersShort Canberra426514.7319426
Open Male Barebow Recurve
1stNockels, StephenAdelaide Archery ClubShort Canberra690807.6747690
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