RGB Rankings


This is the unofficial ranking list for Archery Australia.

It shows results from all events recorded on the system including club shoots.

The scores are made up from the highest degraded rating from any event. Ratings are degraded by 2 points per month (30.4 days). (Clout scores are degraded by 5 points per 30.4 days)

You can also see where you rank in your Club by selecting from the RGB drop-down list.

1Stuart AtkinsOpenMaleCrossbowCanberra Archery Club 108.0
2Rachel MorganOpenFemaleCompoundCanberra Archery Club 105.7
3Peter MarchantMasterMaleCompoundTuggeranong Archery Club 103.4
4Peter MarchantPara ArcherMaleCompoundTuggeranong Archery Club 102.9
5Peter MarchantOpenMaleCompoundTuggeranong Archery Club 99.4
6Adrian ExcellOpenMaleCompoundWeston Valley Archery Club 97.7
7Astin DarcyOpenMaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 96.8
8Alex SmithOpenMaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 95.3
9Nathan RowleyOpenMaleCompoundCanberra Archery Club 95.2
10Glen HuntOpenMaleCompoundTuggeranong Archery Club 92.1
11Nathan Rowley20 & UnderMaleCompoundCanberra Archery Club 91.0
12Chris GoodmanMasterMaleCompoundTuggeranong Archery Club 89.8
13Aaron LowtherOpenMaleCompoundCanberra Archery Club 89.6
14Louise RedmanOpenFemaleCompoundTuggeranong Archery Club 89.1
15Connor McHughCadetMaleCompoundTuggeranong Archery Club 87.9
16Alex SmithOpenMaleCompoundCanberra Archery Club 85.5
17Brenton PerryOpenMaleCompoundCanberra Archery Club 84.7
18Jason Hurnall20 & UnderMaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 83.3
19Chris GoodmanOpenMaleCompoundTuggeranong Archery Club 82.5
20Darren BellamyOpenMaleCompoundTuggeranong Archery Club 81.9
21Gregory BlundenOpenMaleCompoundTuggeranong Archery Club 76.4
22Alex MagersIntermediateMaleCompoundTuggeranong Archery Club 76.1
23Courtney PembertonOpenFemaleCompoundTuggeranong Archery Club 74.1
24Jason HurnallOpenMaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 73.2
25Tony MagersMasterMaleCompoundTuggeranong Archery Club 72.1
26Stephen SlackOpenMaleRecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 72.0
27Claire JohnsonOpenFemaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 71.5
28Caitlin SlackCadetFemaleRecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 69.1
29Daniel BajtMasterMaleCompoundCanberra Archery Club 68.8
30James MurphyMasterMaleCompoundTuggeranong Archery Club 68.5
31Melissa MonganOpenFemaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 67.8
32John FreyMasterMaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 67.6
33Melissa MonganOpenFemaleCompoundCanberra Archery Club 66.7
34Christopher OckerbyOpenMaleCompoundTuggeranong Archery Club 65.5
35Eon CoffeyVeteranMaleCompoundCanberra Archery Club 65.0
36Mark BartlettOpenMaleBarebow RecurveCanberra Archery Club 64.1
37Mark BartlettMasterMaleBarebow RecurveCanberra Archery Club 63.9
38Joseph NevilleOpenMaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 63.8
38Chad BrownOpenMaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 63.8
40Brian CurrenVeteran+MaleCompoundTuggeranong Archery Club 63.3
41Stephen SlackOpenMaleCompoundTuggeranong Archery Club 62.1
42Klara FayOpenFemaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 61.6
43Cameron IronsOpenMaleCompoundTuggeranong Archery Club 61.3
44Michael RowleyMasterMaleCompoundCanberra Archery Club 60.7
45Neil E MartinOpenMaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 60.4
46Cherie TheyersOpenFemaleRecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 59.7
47Mark NewnhamMasterMaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 56.9
48Clinton WylieVeteranMaleCompoundCanberra Archery Club 54.9
49Byron BoucherOpenMaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 54.3
50Jason HurnallCadetMaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 52.2
51Michael TherinOpenMaleCompoundWeston Valley Archery Club 51.2
52Amanda BellamyOpenMaleCompoundTuggeranong Archery Club 50.8
53Alec FarmerOpenMaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 50.5
54Imrahil LeederOpenMaleBarebow RecurveCanberra Archery Club 49.7
55Indigo NewnhamCadetFemaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 49.5
56Crae KilbyOpenMaleCompoundTuggeranong Archery Club 49.4
57Conan HallOpenMaleCompoundCanberra Archery Club 48.7
58Dana HalsvikOpenMaleBarebow RecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 47.1
59Alec FarmerCadetMaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 46.9
60Clinton WylieMasterMaleCompoundCanberra Archery Club 46.8
61Ian RaymondOpenMaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 46.5
62Mark BartlettMasterMaleLongbowCanberra Archery Club 46.0
63Mick TurnerOpenMaleBarebow RecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 45.8
64Nathan RowleyCadetMaleCompoundCanberra Archery Club 45.5
65Donna HurnallMasterFemaleBarebow RecurveCanberra Archery Club 45.3
66Kefu XieOpenMaleLongbowCanberra Archery Club 44.9
67Michelle DanielMasterFemaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 44.6
68Mike JacksonMasterMaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 42.4
68Christopher JacksonCubMaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 42.4
70Carl RogersOpenMaleCompoundTuggeranong Archery Club 42.1
71Patrick DunnIntermediateMaleRecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 41.4
72Brett FewsonMasterMaleCompoundTuggeranong Archery Club 40.9
73Stephen CollinsMasterMaleRecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 39.7
74William NeateVeteranMaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 39.5
75John FreyOpenMaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 39.3
76Caitlin SlackIntermediateFemaleRecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 38.9
77Brittany MeersOpenFemaleBarebow RecurveCanberra Archery Club 38.8
78James FreyCadetMaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 38.4
79Martin RiddellOpenMaleRecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 38.0
80Ian BrownMasterMaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 37.1
81Kefu XieOpenMaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 37.0
82Damian BrownOpenMaleCompoundTuggeranong Archery Club 36.7
83Karen LavenderOpenFemaleBarebow RecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 36.0
84Kilby BakerOpenFemaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 35.8
85Falviano Casadei20 & UnderMaleCompoundWeston Valley Archery Club 35.6
85Jacqueline GreenOpenFemaleBarebow RecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 35.6
87Rory SmithOpenMaleCompoundCanberra Archery Club 35.1
88Nicholas SlackCadetMaleRecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 34.9
89Robert MaguireMasterMaleBarebow RecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 34.2
89Neil StaffordOpenMaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 34.2
91Michael RowleyOpenMaleCompoundCanberra Archery Club 33.8
92Samuel ZhaoOpenMaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 33.0
93Clinton WylieVeteranMaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 32.3
94Alan AventVeteran+MaleLongbowTuggeranong Archery Club 31.9
95Matthew WhiteOpenMaleCompoundCanberra Archery Club 31.7
96John DowdenVeteran+MaleCrossbowCanberra Archery Club 30.7
97Alec FarmerPara ArcherMaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 30.6
98Harrison BajtIntermediateMaleCompoundCanberra Archery Club 30.0
99Frances AtkinsOpenFemaleBarebow RecurveCanberra Archery Club 29.9
100Richard HoffmannOpenMaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 29.7
101Dion BorbeljIntermediateMaleCompoundTuggeranong Archery Club 29.3
102Stephen SlackOpenMaleBarebow RecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 29.2
103Audrey McGrail-BateupIntermediateFemaleCompoundTuggeranong Archery Club 28.8
104Paul RobeyVeteran+MaleRecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 28.3
105Lana BarbourOpenFemaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 27.1
106Matthew RaynerOpenMaleRecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 27.0
107Georgia BartlettCadetFemaleBarebow RecurveCanberra Archery Club 26.9
108Jessica CoxCadetFemaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 26.7
109Olivia LowOpenFemaleLongbowWeston Valley Archery Club 26.4
110Fleur TreziseOpenFemaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 26.1
111Jackson LowOpenMaleBarebow RecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 25.7
112Adrian ExcellOpenMaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 25.6
113Jessica Cox20 & UnderFemaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 25.5
114Lawrence SalvestroOpenMaleCompoundCanberra Archery Club 25.0
115Jacqueline GreenOpenFemaleRecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 24.2
116Mark GoldsmidOpenMaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 23.9
117William NeateVeteranMaleLongbowCanberra Archery Club 23.3
118Allen HogdenVeteran+MaleRecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 22.6
119Ewan PfitznerCubMaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 22.5
120Mark BartlettOpenMaleLongbowCanberra Archery Club 22.4
121Paul PfitznerOpenMaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 22.3
122Steven BennettOpenMaleCompoundTuggeranong Archery Club 22.0
122Patrick SergiOpenMaleCompoundTuggeranong Archery Club 22.0
124Anthony RossVeteranMaleRecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 20.2
125Alexandra FeeneyOpenFemaleCompoundCanberra Archery Club 19.2
126Craig NewberyVision ImpairedMaleRecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 18.8
127Jonathan GoldsmidVeteranMaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 18.7
128Chris MonahanMasterMaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 18.4
129BJ RamirezOpenMaleCompoundTuggeranong Archery Club 17.7
130Damien DonavanOpenMaleBarebow RecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 17.6
131David HainesOpenMaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 17.3
132James MillerMasterMaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 17.0
133Michael BurtVeteranMaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 15.6
134Ken KuaOpenMaleBarebow RecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 15.3
134Bryce RobertsonVeteranMaleCompoundTuggeranong Archery Club 15.3
134Joseph McGrail-BateupMasterMaleLongbowTuggeranong Archery Club 15.3
137Katrina CristofaniOpenFemaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 14.9
138Hao HeOpenMaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 14.7
139Neil E MartinOpenMaleLongbowWeston Valley Archery Club 14.0
140Arthur Pearce20 & UnderMaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 13.8
141Blake KirkCubMaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 13.7
142Kym AllenMasterFemaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 13.0
143Lawrence SalvestroCadetMaleCompoundCanberra Archery Club 11.8
143Greg PierceOpenMaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 11.8
145Riasat ZamanOpenMaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 11.2
146Kym AllenOpenFemaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 10.9
146Mark Bartlett (do not use)OpenMaleLongbowCanberra Archery Club 10.9
146Lani MenziesOpenFemaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 10.9
149Jim CryerOpenMaleBarebow RecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 10.4
150Ben CristofaniCadetMaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 10.1
151Kym BennettOpenFemaleCompoundTuggeranong Archery Club 9.9
152Joshua CarrCubMaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 9.2
153Wayne WilliamsMasterMaleLongbowTuggeranong Archery Club 9.1
154Magnus MeagherIntermediateMaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 8.5
155Andrew HeldonMasterMaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 8.3
156Paul WatsonMasterMaleBarebow RecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 7.4
157Damien DonavanOpenMaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 7.3
158Anthony JamesOpenMaleCompoundWeston Valley Archery Club 7.1
159Craig NewberyMasterMaleRecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 7.0
160Alec FarmerIntermediateMaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 6.6
161Mark Bartlett (do not use)OpenMaleCompoundCanberra Archery Club 6.5
162Allan ThommenyVeteran+MaleBarebow RecurveCanberra Archery Club 6.0
163Peter ShumackVeteranMaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 5.8
164Douglas ThwaithesMasterMaleRecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 5.3
165Dana HoffmannIntermediateFemaleBarebow RecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 4.8
166Peter ShumackVeteranMaleLongbowCanberra Archery Club 4.5
167David PearceMasterMaleLongbowWeston Valley Archery Club 4.2
168Patrick DunnCubMaleRecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 4.0
169Holly HoffmannCadetFemaleBarebow RecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 3.6
170Brett FewsonOpenMaleCompoundTuggeranong Archery Club 3.5
171Marcel ChaloupkaMasterMaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 3.2
172Samuel Duncan20 & UnderMaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 3.0
173Andy LindsayVeteranMaleCompoundCanberra Archery Club 2.4
174Sabrina PaulOpenFemaleBarebow RecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 2.2
175Frances AtkinsOpenFemaleCrossbowCanberra Archery Club 2.1
176Lani MenziesOpenFemaleBarebow RecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 1.5
177David PinchbeckMasterMaleRecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 1.1
178Richard CzeigerOpenMaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 0.8

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