Warringah Club Championships - Field 100916, Flight 1 - Warringah Field Shoot - 10/09/2016
DOS: Judge(s):
Temperature: Wind:
ArcherClubClassDivisionRoundTotalAverageRating% GMBClassification
Calandruccio, StirlingWarringah Archers IncMasterRecurveWA Field 24Mk Red2513.4958.973.63Blue
Campbell, MitchellWarringah Archers IncCubCompoundWA Field 24Mk Yellow2703.7544.563.57Blue
Catto, AndrewWarringah Archers IncOpenRecurveWA Field 24Mk Red2042.8348.657.18Black
Chambers-McLean, JackWarringah Archers IncIntermediateRecurveWA Field 24Mk Blue2363.2845.670.15Red
Donlan, SamWarringah Archers IncCadetRecurveWA Field 24Mk Blue440.610.00.00
Dyer, AnthonyWarringah Archers IncMasterRecurveWA Field 24Mk Red2002.7847.859.75Black
Dyer, ElizabethWarringah Archers IncCubRecurveWA Field 24Mk Yellow190.260.00.00
Dyer, ThoraiyaWarringah Archers IncOpenRecurveWA Field 24Mk Red1091.5128.335.38
Hutchinson, JessicaWarringah Archers Inc20 & UnderRecurveWA Field 24Mk Red951.3224.833.07White
Hutchinson, LiliaWarringah Archers IncMasterRecurveWA Field 24Mk Red791.1020.327.07
Jackson, AlexWarringah Archers IncIntermediateRecurveWA Field 24Mk Blue640.893.65.54
Mei, YifanWarringah Archers IncOpenRecurveWA Field 24Mk Red2243.1152.862.12Black
Nolan, AlanWarringah Archers IncVeteranRecurveWA Field 24Mk Red1401.9435.444.25White
Schwarz, JapserWarringah Archers IncCadetRecurveWA Field 24Mk Blue1582.1928.941.29White
Spinks, JaxonWarringah Archers IncIntermediateRecurveWA Field 24Mk Blue881.2211.617.85
Tattersall, TomWarringah Archers IncCubRecurveWA Field 24Mk Yellow620.860.00.00
Ware, AlexWarringah Archers IncIntermediateRecurveWA Field 24Mk Blue741.037.211.08
Ware, BenWarringah Archers IncIntermediateRecurveWA Field 24Mk Blue791.108.813.54
Ware, RolandWarringah Archers IncOpenRecurveWA Field 24Mk Red781.0820.023.53
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