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9/08/2020 to 24/08/2020
Level: State
Archer & PlacingClubRoundScore10's/X'sX'sAvgRatingRoundScore10's9'sAvgRatingTotal
Under 14 Female Compound
1stMoors, LillyEden Field ArchersDouble Aus Indoor 18m448417.4751.0WA Indoor 18m394476.5742.0842
2ndMoors, NeveEden Field ArchersDouble Aus Indoor 18m336005.6034.0WA Indoor 18m342155.7035.0678
Under 14 Female Recurve
1stInwood, AlishaBarossa Archery ClubDouble Aus Indoor 18m353305.8836.0WA Indoor 18m383556.3840.0736
Under 14 Male Compound
1stFrochtenicht, RainerEden Field ArchersDouble Aus Indoor 18m5311668.8571.0WA Indoor 18m51511288.5869.01046
2ndClare, KallanBlue Lake ArchersDouble Aus Indoor 18m451517.5251.0WA Indoor 18m4503197.5052.0901
Under 14 Male Recurve
1stPitman, ChaseSunshine Coast Archery ClubDouble Aus Indoor 18m462427.7054.0WA Indoor 18m4556137.5852.0917
2ndAzli, JamesAdelaide Archery ClubDouble Aus Indoor 18m441927.3549.0WA Indoor 18m4085106.8044.0849
Under 16 Female Compound
1stTwining, AnnaEden Field ArchersDouble Aus Indoor 18m56731109.4586.0WA Indoor 18m55820389.3093.01125
Under 16 Female Recurve
1stAzli, LilyAdelaide Archery ClubDouble Aus Indoor 18m436947.2749.0WA Indoor 18m4297117.1547.0865
Under 16 Male Compound
1stWebb, TobyHills ArchersDouble Aus Indoor 18m59253289.87104.0WA Indoor 18m57131299.52105.01163
2ndFrochtenicht, RegardtEden Field ArchersDouble Aus Indoor 18m56430129.4085.0WA Indoor 18m55417409.2390.01118
3rdClare, JakeBlue Lake ArchersDouble Aus Indoor 18m4841368.0758.0WA Indoor 18m4520197.5352.0936
Under 16 Male Barebow Recurve
1stCody, LukasThe Farm Indoor Archery Club IncDouble Aus Indoor 18m236113.9321.0WA Indoor 18m185023.0814.0421
Under 18 Male Compound
1stTurner, JoshuaEden Field ArchersDouble Aus Indoor 18m59252329.87104.0WA Indoor 18m55928319.3294.01151
Under 21 Male Compound
1stWildman, BaileyEden Field ArchersDouble Aus Indoor 18m59454349.90107.0WA Indoor 18m57435249.57107.01168
2ndIneson, CallanVictor Harbor Archery ClubDouble Aus Indoor 18m57134139.5289.0WA Indoor 18m55114439.1888.01122
3rdSchuster, EthanCressy BowmenDouble Aus Indoor 18m5321868.8772.0WA Indoor 18m5143348.5769.01046
4thHead, SamuelSouthern Vales Archery ClubDouble Aus Indoor 18m0000.000.0WA Indoor 18m0000.000.00
Under 21 Male Recurve
1stIsles, CaseyKidman Archers IncDouble Aus Indoor 18m55025139.1778.0WA Indoor 18m54421279.0776.01094
2ndReeves, ShaneAdelaide Archery ClubDouble Aus Indoor 18m495938.2561.0WA Indoor 18m51313218.5566.01008
Open Female Compound
1stMills, RhiannonVictor Harbor Archery ClubDouble Aus Indoor 18m58748279.7899.0WA Indoor 18m56426329.4099.01151
2ndEngelhardt, CarolineHills ArchersDouble Aus Indoor 18m5261748.7770.0WA Indoor 18m5095308.4867.01035
Open Female Longbow
1stBarber, KatelynTorrens Valley ArchersDouble Aus Indoor 18m371216.1838.0WA Indoor 18m376756.2739.0747
2ndJohnson, NaomiAdelaide Archery ClubDouble Aus Indoor 18m267004.4525.0WA Indoor 18m227123.7820.0494
Open Female Barebow Recurve
1stRieckmann, MarianneCressy BowmenDouble Aus Indoor 18m464627.7354.0WA Indoor 18m4639157.7254.0927
Open Male Compound
1stKuchel, AndrewGreat Southern ArchersDouble Aus Indoor 18m59757429.95111.0WA Indoor 18m5925289.87123.01189
2ndWildman, BaileyEden Field ArchersDouble Aus Indoor 18m59555379.92108.0WA Indoor 18m58040209.67112.01175
3rdKilsby, BenBlue Lake ArchersDouble Aus Indoor 18m59050289.83102.0WA Indoor 18m57232289.53106.01162
4thMoors, KieranEden Field ArchersDouble Aus Indoor 18m58747339.7899.0WA Indoor 18m57233269.53106.01159
5thFrochtenicht, PeterEden Field ArchersDouble Aus Indoor 18m58748269.7899.0WA Indoor 18m56528309.4299.01152
6thSignorelli, JoelVictor Harbor Archery ClubDouble Aus Indoor 18m58646299.7799.0WA Indoor 18m56527319.4299.01151
7thMamo, JustinEden Field ArchersDouble Aus Indoor 18m59252329.87104.0WA Indoor 18m55819409.3093.01150
8thRiley, NicholasThe Farm Indoor Archery Club IncDouble Aus Indoor 18m57738179.6292.0WA Indoor 18m56528299.4299.01142
9thHawes, BrandonCressy BowmenDouble Aus Indoor 18m57739179.6292.0WA Indoor 18m55820389.3093.01135
10thNedoshepa, ArtemEden Field ArchersDouble Aus Indoor 18m56437219.4085.0WA Indoor 18m55720379.2892.01121
11thVine Hall, JohnEden Field ArchersDouble Aus Indoor 18m55931179.3282.0WA Indoor 18m54916379.1586.01108
12thClare, ClaytonBlue Lake ArchersDouble Aus Indoor 18m56029109.3383.0WA Indoor 18m54311429.0582.01103
13thOwen, JoshuaThe Farm Indoor Archery Club IncDouble Aus Indoor 18m5552899.2581.0WA Indoor 18m5284438.8075.01083
14thStanford, AndyAdelaide Archery ClubDouble Aus Indoor 18m5432279.0576.0WA Indoor 18m53713338.9579.01080
15thSchuster, JasonCressy BowmenDouble Aus Indoor 18m53622118.9373.0WA Indoor 18m4986368.3064.01034
16thCole, JesseSouthern Vales Archery ClubDouble Aus Indoor 18m0000.000.0WA Indoor 18m5047318.4066.0504
17thCoghlan, PatVictor Harbor Archery ClubDouble Aus Indoor 18m17716149.8313.0WA Indoor 18m0000.000.0177
Open Male Recurve
1stde Mello, ChrisAdelaide Archery ClubDouble Aus Indoor 18m5261658.7770.0WA Indoor 18m52915268.8271.01055
2ndSouphandavong, SimonAdelaide Archery ClubDouble Aus Indoor 18m5231598.7269.0WA Indoor 18m51212218.5366.01035
3rdPerry, CraigBarossa Archery ClubWA Indoor 18m4894218.1559.0Double Aus Indoor 18m4921228.2060.0981
4thAzli, FairuzAdelaide Archery ClubDouble Aus Indoor 18m460637.6753.0WA Indoor 18m4592187.6553.0919
Open Male Longbow
1stBarber, IanTorrens Valley ArchersDouble Aus Indoor 18m353415.8836.0WA Indoor 18m4175106.9545.0770
2ndBetterman, TristanCressy BowmenDouble Aus Indoor 18m222103.7019.0WA Indoor 18m210043.5018.0432
Open Male Barebow Recurve
1stMcPherson, JamieGreat Southern ArchersDouble Aus Indoor 18m232103.8721.0WA Indoor 18m241124.0222.0473
Open Male Crossbow
1stHahn, GraemeHills ArchersDouble Aus Indoor 18m58747219.7899.0WA Indoor 18m58848129.80100.01175
50+ Female Compound
1stBetterman, MargaretCressy BowmenDouble Aus Indoor 18m5281498.8070.0WA Indoor 18m5088308.4767.01036
2ndWiseheart, KJThe Farm Indoor Archery Club IncDouble Aus Indoor 18m5081368.4764.0WA Indoor 18m5185348.6370.01026
50+ Female Recurve
1stLewis, SallyAdelaide Archery ClubDouble Aus Indoor 18m491918.1860.0WA Indoor 18m50710248.4564.0998
50+ Female Longbow
1stMiels-Barber, SharonTorrens Valley ArchersDouble Aus Indoor 18m186213.1014.0WA Indoor 18m246144.1022.0432
50+ Male Compound
1stHann, StevenAdelaide Archery ClubDouble Aus Indoor 18m59252369.87104.0WA Indoor 18m56425349.4099.01156
2ndRiley, MichaelThe Farm Indoor Archery Club IncDouble Aus Indoor 18m58648329.7799.0WA Indoor 18m56626349.43100.01152
3rdPotts, GrahamVictor Harbor Archery ClubDouble Aus Indoor 18m59252299.87104.0WA Indoor 18m56022369.3395.01152
4thLange, MichaelBarossa Archery ClubDouble Aus Indoor 18m58146189.6895.0WA Indoor 18m55520379.2591.01136
5thVine Hall, JohnEden Field ArchersDouble Aus Indoor 18m57738209.6292.0WA Indoor 18m55621349.2792.01133
6thNiejalke, MarcusThe Farm Indoor Archery Club IncDouble Aus Indoor 18m57341229.5590.0WA Indoor 18m55622339.2792.01129
7thFreeman, PaulBlue Lake ArchersDouble Aus Indoor 18m56534139.4285.0WA Indoor 18m55215429.2088.01117
8thCole, GrantSouthern Vales Archery ClubDouble Aus Indoor 18m5603069.3383.0WA Indoor 18m55419389.2390.01114
9thHopkins, KeenanBarossa Archery ClubDouble Aus Indoor 18m55526149.2581.0WA Indoor 18m53110388.8576.01086
50+ Male Recurve
1stOpie, GregEden Field ArchersDouble Aus Indoor 18m5351868.9273.0WA Indoor 18m53718258.9573.01072
2ndFores, AndrewSouthern Vales Archery ClubDouble Aus Indoor 18m5361558.9373.0WA Indoor 18m53420248.9072.01070
3rdHolland, MattAdelaide Archery ClubDouble Aus Indoor 18m5311868.8571.0WA Indoor 18m51214248.5366.01043
4thCaon, DanielAdelaide Archery ClubDouble Aus Indoor 18m5041368.4063.0WA Indoor 18m51319168.5566.01017
5thCozens, ScottSouthern Vales Archery ClubDouble Aus Indoor 18m489718.1559.0WA Indoor 18m51414218.5766.01003
6thPellew, MatthewBarossa Archery ClubDouble Aus Indoor 18m480748.0057.0WA Indoor 18m4528117.5352.0932
50+ Male Longbow
1stHay, BobTorrens Valley ArchersDouble Aus Indoor 18m364216.0737.0WA Indoor 18m412876.8744.0776
50+ Male Barebow Recurve
1stEdwards, PhilipHills ArchersDouble Aus Indoor 18m424517.0746.0WA Indoor 18m396496.6042.0820
50+ Male Crossbow
1stBlatch, PaulSouthern Vales Archery ClubDouble Aus Indoor 18m58042159.6794.0WA Indoor 18m58548109.7598.01165
60+ Female Compound
1stBiggs, ShirleyGreat Southern ArchersDouble Aus Indoor 18m5502469.1778.0WA Indoor 18m5326418.8776.01082
2ndMartin, SueAdelaide Archery ClubDouble Aus Indoor 18m5351788.9273.0WA Indoor 18m5298368.8275.01064
3rdBraddy, VickiSouthern Vales Archery ClubDouble Aus Indoor 18m499748.3262.0WA Indoor 18m52716198.7874.01026
60+ Female Crossbow
1stUpright, DeborahSouthern Vales Archery ClubDouble Aus Indoor 18m56636219.4386.0WA Indoor 18m55525299.2581.01121
60+ Male Compound
1stStaples, GarryCressy BowmenDouble Aus Indoor 18m57235139.5389.0WA Indoor 18m54612439.1084.01118
2ndHarris, IanBlue Lake ArchersDouble Aus Indoor 18m5411989.0275.0WA Indoor 18m53712358.9579.01078
3rdJacques, GarryBlue Lake ArchersDouble Aus Indoor 18m5311768.8571.0WA Indoor 18m5055248.4266.01036
60+ Male Recurve
1stDall, IanThe Farm Indoor Archery Club IncDouble Aus Indoor 18m5392178.9874.0WA Indoor 18m52522168.7569.01064
2ndGambling, JulianAdelaide Archery ClubDouble Aus Indoor 18m435317.2548.0WA Indoor 18m46310127.7254.0898
60+ Male Crossbow
1stGoodyer, MarkBarossa Archery ClubDouble Aus Indoor 18m56131149.3583.0WA Indoor 18m56129259.3583.01122
70+ Female Longbow
1stRoser, IreneSouthern Vales Archery ClubDouble Aus Indoor 18m270114.5025.0WA Indoor 18m193123.2215.0463
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