WVAC - AACT 2022 Fletchlings Tournament, 2022 AACT Fletchlings - 22/10/2022

Practice: 9:15 AM
Competition(s): 10:00 AM
ArcherClubClassDivisionRoundDist 1ScoreAverageDist 2ScoreAverageTotalAverageRating% GMBClassification
Bartosh, OwenWeston Valley Archery ClubUnder 14RecurveAA 20/72020m00.0020m00.0000.000.00.00
Brew, ElizabethTuggeranong Archery ClubUnder 16Barebow RecurveAA 30/72030m00.0030m00.0000.000.00.00
Burt, MichaelWeston Valley Archery Club60+Barebow RecurveAA 40/72040m00.0040m00.0000.000.00.00
Burwood, LaurenTuggeranong Archery ClubOpenBarebow RecurveAA 20/72020m00.0020m00.0000.000.00.00
Fargey, PeterWeston Valley Archery Club70+RecurveAA 30/72030m00.0030m00.0000.000.00.00
Feng, DavidWeston Valley Archery ClubOpenBarebow RecurveWABB 50/720 (AA 50/720)50m00.0050m00.0000.000.00.00
Hunt, BradTuggeranong Archery Club50+CompoundAA 30/72030m00.0030m00.0000.000.00.00
Kua, KenTuggeranong Archery ClubOpenBarebow RecurveAA 20/72020m00.0020m00.0000.000.00.00
Paul, SabrinaWeston Valley Archery ClubOpenBarebow RecurveAA 30/72030m00.0030m00.0000.000.00.00
Perez del Pulger, IsabellaTuggeranong Archery ClubOpenBarebow RecurveAA 20/72020m00.0020m00.0000.000.00.00
Perez del Pulger, PaulTuggeranong Archery Club50+Barebow RecurveAA 20/72020m00.0020m00.0000.000.00.00
Ren, LijuanWeston Valley Archery ClubOpenBarebow RecurveAA 20/72020m00.0020m00.0000.000.00.00
Thompson, WendyWeston Valley Archery Club70+RecurveAA 30/72030m00.0030m00.0000.000.00.00
Wei, MaiaTuggeranong Archery ClubUnder 16Barebow RecurveAA 20/72020m00.0020m00.0000.000.00.00
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