HA Invitation Clout

Level: Club
Archer & PlacingClubRoundScore10's9'sAvgRatingRoundScore10's9'sAvgRatingTotal
Under 14 Male Compound
1stFrochtenicht, RainerEden Field ArchersAus Clout 125m283877.8610.0Aus Clout 125m3087158.5621.0591
Under 14 Male Recurve
1stAzli, JamesAdelaide Archery ClubAus Clout 100m218176.060.0Aus Clout 100m265457.360.0483
2ndPitman, ChaseSunshine Coast Archery ClubAus Clout 100m288698.001.0Aus Clout 100m0000.000.0288
Under 16 Female Compound
1stTwining, AnnaEden Field ArchersAus Clout 145m2845147.8918.0Aus Clout 145m33518119.3147.0619
Under 16 Female Recurve
1stAzli, LilyAdelaide Archery ClubAus Clout 125m234036.500.0Aus Clout 125m211155.860.0445
Under 16 Male Compound
1stWebb, TobyHills ArchersAus Clout 145m3216218.9236.0Aus Clout 145m32612159.0640.0647
2ndFrochtenicht, RegardtEden Field ArchersAus Clout 145m271367.5313.0Aus Clout 145m3178158.8134.0588
3rdCarr, MarshallEden Field ArchersAus Clout 145m188215.220.0Aus Clout 145m177104.920.0365
Under 18 Male Compound
1stTurner, JoshuaEden Field ArchersAus Clout 165m32816109.1148.0Aus Clout 165m33517139.3153.0663
Under 18 Male Recurve
1stMayor, GilesAdelaide Archery ClubAus Clout 145m0000.000.0Aus Clout 145m0000.000.00
Under 21 Male Compound
1stWildman, BaileyEden Field ArchersAus Clout 180m34421149.5667.0Aus Clout 180m33716179.3660.0681
Open Male Compound
1stPotts, GrahamVictor Harbor Archery ClubAus Clout 180m31614138.7845.0Aus Clout 180m33213199.2256.0648
Open Male Recurve
1stde Mello, ChrisAdelaide Archery ClubAus Clout 165m281667.8123.0Aus Clout 165m306798.5034.0587
2ndReeves, ShaneAdelaide Archery ClubAus Clout 165m213425.924.0Aus Clout 165m257557.1415.0470
3rdAzli, FairuzAdelaide Archery ClubAus Clout 165m210235.833.0Aus Clout 165m165034.580.0375
Open Male Longbow
1stBetterman, TristanCressy BowmenAus Clout 145m40001.110.0Aus Clout 145m66001.830.0106
Open Male Crossbow
1stHahn, GraemeHills ArchersAus Clout 180m0000.000.0Aus Clout 180m0000.000.00
50+ Female Compound
1stBetterman, MargaretCressy BowmenAus Clout 165m145114.030.0Aus Clout 165m217236.035.0362
50+ Male Barebow Recurve
1stEdwards, PhilipHills ArchersAus Clout 145m75002.080.0Aus Clout 145m247376.865.0322
50+ Male Crossbow
1stBlatch, PaulSouthern Vales Archery ClubAus Clout 180m0000.000.0Aus Clout 180m3051188.4739.0305
60+ Female Compound
1stBiggs, ShirleyGreat Southern ArchersAus Clout 165m64001.780.0Aus Clout 165m132013.670.0196
60+ Male Compound
1stStaples, GarryCressy BowmenAus Clout 180m143173.970.0Aus Clout 180m270677.5024.0413
60+ Male Recurve
1stGambling, JulianAdelaide Archery ClubAus Clout 165m230266.398.0Aus Clout 165m236286.569.0466
60+ Male Barebow Recurve
1stLang, BruceEden Field ArchersAus Clout 145m202245.610.0Aus Clout 145m181525.030.0383
70+ Female Longbow
1stHumphries, AnnetteAdelaide Archery ClubAus Clout 125m174044.830.0Aus Clout 125m0000.000.0174
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