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SOPA QRE 15/12/2019
Open to all archers
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Sydney Olympic Park Archers
This is a Double QRE Event.
QRE 1 Practice Starts at 07:00am.
QRE 2 Practice Starts at 10:00am.
There will be 3 Practice Ends (taking approximately 20 minutes) then straight into Scoring Ends.
Please ensure that your electronic scoring device is fully charged for the day.
Entry Conditions
1. All archers NEED TO BE at the venue at least 30 minutes before start times.
2. An Archer Briefing will be held 15 minutes before the start time.
3. Bow Inspection will be conducted after the Archer Briefing.
4. If for any reason you find you CAN NOT shoot the QRE please let either Ricci Cheah or Greg Pedersen know ASAP by emailing qreorganiser@outlook.com as this will enable the organisers to adjust target allocations and move archers from the waiting list into the QRE (if required).
5. It will be presumed that if NO Notification has been received by the organisers (in regards to Point 4 above) by the Wednesday Night prior to the QRE that the registered archer will shoot the QRE.

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SOPA QRE 15/12/2019
Practice: 7:00 AM
Competition: 7:20 AM
SOPA QRE 15/12/2019
Practice: 10:00 AM
Competition: 10:20 AM