Warringah Open13/02/2016
Level: Club
DOS: Judge(s):
Archer & PlacingClubRoundScore10's/X'sX'sAvgRatingTotal
Cub Male Compound
1stBarr-Jones, BobbyWarringah Archers IncSamford6611337.3458.9661
Cub Male Recurve
1stFoley, MaxWarringah Archers IncSamford238102.6419.1238
2ndWhite, AaronWarringah Archers IncSamford82100.91-4.282
3rdWhite, MitchellWarringah Archers IncSamford70000.78-7.370
4thWoodley, TaiWarringah Archers IncSamford1000.01-87.31
Intermediate Female Compound
1stHenriksson, VictoriaWarringah Archers IncSamford7021167.8064.5702
Intermediate Male Compound
1stBerry, IsaacNorthern Archers of SydneySamford6911357.6862.9691
Intermediate Male Recurve
1stChambers-McLean, JackWarringah Archers IncSamford545646.0646.3545
2ndSpinks, JaxonWarringah Archers IncSamford377304.1931.7377
3rdWhite, NathanWarringah Archers IncSamford353213.9229.7353
Cadet Female Recurve
1stVandort, RachelWarringah Archers IncSamford41000.46-17.841
Cadet Male Recurve
1stAslanidis, CarmeloWarringah Archers IncSamford7391788.2170.5739
2ndSchwarz, JapserWarringah Archers IncSamford266002.9621.9266
3rdCurrie, KadenWarringah Archers IncSamford198212.2014.7198
20 & Under Female Recurve
1stHutchinson, JessicaWarringah Archers IncSamford388004.3132.7388
20 & Under Male Longbow
1stHayman, Aaron Seng-YipWarringah Archers IncSamford325213.6127.3325
Open Female Compound
1stMatton, LisaSOPASamford83939149.3294.4839
2ndGibbons, BiancaLiverpool City ArchersSamford79827108.8782.7798
3rdWright, JuliaSOPASamford7652158.5075.4765
4thVaughan, KathyPenrith City ArchersSamford7632198.4875.0763
5thWong, SimmyNorthern Archers of SydneySamford7371968.1970.2737
Open Female Recurve
1stSpencer, LeanneWarringah Archers IncSamford7461258.2971.8746
2ndMurray, JoannaSOPASamford7431868.2671.2743
3rdde Souza, CathNorthern Archers of SydneySamford7151337.9466.5715
4thWu, ShennaBurilda Archery Club IncSamford7021157.8064.5702
Open Female Barebow Recurve
1stHao, SarinaWarringah Archers IncSamford367004.0830.9367
Open Male Compound
1stAsidera, IanSOPASamford87367299.70108.3873
2ndMilne, JonathonSOPASamford87264319.69107.8872
3rdWright, ClintonSOPASamford86963239.66106.3869
4thWong, JonathonNorthern Archers of SydneySamford85351179.4899.4853
5thBerry, NormanNorthern Archers of SydneySamford7942588.8281.7794
6thBarber, JimMountain Archers IncSamford7551538.3973.4755
7thWhite, BenWarringah Archers IncSamford587626.5250.4587
Open Male Recurve
1stWei, VictorSOPASamford76418118.4975.2764
2ndFigliuzzi, FrankSOPASamford7071157.8665.3707
3rdMurray, JaymieSOPASamford707837.8665.3707
4thCatto, AndrewWarringah Archers IncSamford6991557.7764.1699
5thBooth, AndrewWarringah Archers IncSamford356213.9630.0356
6thWare, RolandWarringah Archers IncSamford217102.4116.8217
Master Female Recurve
1stAxton, TracieNorthern Archers of SydneySamford581616.4649.8581
2ndHutchinson, LiliaWarringah Archers IncSamford488215.4241.1488
Master Male Compound
1stDigby, TyroneNorthern Archers of SydneySamford85648119.51100.6856
2ndStevens, MarkLiverpool City ArchersSamford8133199.0386.5813
3rdField, RussellNorthern Archers of SydneySamford80126138.9083.4801
Master Male Recurve
1stCoulthard, DavidNorthern Archers of SydneySamford7511868.3472.7751
2ndCalandruccio, StirlingWarringah Archers IncSamford7031037.8164.7703
3rdCheah, SteveSOPASamford346423.8429.1346
Veteran Female Compound
1stWu, WinnyBurilda Archery Club IncSamford644647.1656.8644
Veteran Male Compound
1stTamsett, DavidNorthern Archers of SydneySamford81329139.0386.5813
2ndPrestidge, AllanPenrith City ArchersSamford7561458.4073.6756
3rdRonnie, RichardLiverpool City ArchersSamford722908.0267.6722
Veteran Male Recurve
1stHayman, SimonWarringah Archers IncSamford501725.5742.3501
Veteran+ Female Compound
1stWright, MariaWarringah Archers IncSamford7351238.1769.8735
Veteran+ Male Recurve
1stMoore, WayneFrog Hollow Archery ClubSamford7201578.0067.3720
Veteran+ Male Longbow
1stOnslow, DavidNorthern Archers of SydneySamford372004.1331.3372
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Performance Awards
Asidera, IanBronze Perfect Score 40m x 2No claims on record
Asidera, IanBronze All Gold 40m x 12No claims on record
Barber, JimBronze All Gold 40m x 1No claims on record
Berry, NormanBronze All Gold 40m x 2No claims on record
Calandruccio, StirlingBronze All Gold 40m x 2No claims on record
de Souza, CathBronze All Gold 40m x 1No claims on record
Digby, TyroneBronze All Gold 40m x 13No claims on record
Field, RussellBronze All Gold 40m x 2No claims on record
Gibbons, BiancaBronze All Gold 40m x 2No claims on record
Matton, LisaBronze All Gold 40m x 8No claims on record
Milne, JonathonBronze All Gold 40m x 13No claims on record
Milne, JonathonBronze Perfect Score 40m x 3No claims on record
Stevens, MarkBronze All Gold 40m x 5No claims on record
Tamsett, DavidBronze All Gold 40m x 4No claims on record
Wei, VictorBronze All Gold 40m x 1No claims on record
Wong, JonathonBronze All Gold 40m x 11No claims on record
Wright, ClintonBronze All Gold 40m x 12No claims on record
Wright, ClintonBronze Perfect Score 40m x 2No claims on record